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What our learners say

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I would highly recommend it. It is very thorough and help is always available.
Shona, County Durham, UK
“I have learnt so much already that I didn't know and I'm not even half way through it yet.”
Claire, Co. Down, UK
“You are able to study at home at your own pace and if you need assistance your tutor is always available to help you.”
Sharon, Bristol, UK
“Do it! The course is very good.”
Kelly Buchanan, Herefordshire, UK
“Definitely worthwhile and excellent value for money.”
Philippa Clarke, UK

What's in the course?

Here's what you get.

  • 27 videos on grooming, on topics such as how to clean a dog's ears, and what tools to use. Also advice on specific breeds such as Shih-Tzus, Spaniels and Poodles.
  • Your First Client Celebration Kit. What’s the first thing to do when you get your first client? The answer is: ‘Celebrate!’ And we’ll help you do that, because as soon as you get your first paid work after completing the course we’ll send you a celebration kit including fun items such as champagne glasses and other party items (Value £31).
  • A sturdily bound set of course modules that lies flat for ease of study. Detailed, practical information that guides you skilfully towards becoming a dog groomer

  • 42,000 words of practical 'how-to' text. You get detailed information that guides you towards becoming a professional dog groomer.

  • 8 Assignments. Your assignments will be carefully marked with personal advice by an experienced tutor.

  • ‘How to Achieve More!’ Planner. It contains forms for self-discovery and vision, a 12-month goals' planner, a study plan and scheduler, study tips, and a monthly reflection and assessment form. Exclusive to your course. † See More

  • Self-assessment exercises. They occur throughout the course to help you get organised as a practising dog groomer. They also check that you can tackle each type of work.

  • 'How to Write Assignments' booklet (right). This booklet offers useful guidance on how to prepare your assignments. It's not available elsewhere.

  • A Quick Start Guide, to get you started on the course.

  • A sturdy ring binder that holds the course modules. Lies flat for ease of study. In the online edition, we provide the modules as online PDFs.†
  • learning images
  • A useful case that keeps all your course material.††

  • 'How to Succeed in your Distance Learning Course' booklet. Tips and advice on how to successfully complete your course. This booklet is not available elsewhere.

  • A study guide and planner that helps you organise your study.
  • 49 ways to promote your service
  • Personal career advice during the course.

  • '49 Winning Ways to Promote your Service' booklet (right). Great ideas to get you started. This booklet is not available elsewhere.

  • Student Discount card. Get discounts with leading shops and organisations.

    • † In the online edition this is provided as downloadable PDFs.
    • †† Not in online edition.

    Plus! Access your course online

    • Online edition of the course. Get access to all the course modules and assignments when you register.

    • Online student's database. Add your name to the database, and get in touch with other students.

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  • Diary of a dog groomer (Value £35).
    Follow the highs and lows of a dog groomer as she battles with unwilling dogs, grumpy clients and equipment that doesn't work.

  • Starter kit (Value £50).
    - 10-piece Mains operated clipper kit, giving professional grooming results (not in the online edition)
    - 4 clipper guides for different length cuts.
    - Scissors
    - Comb
    - Cleaning brush
    - Clipper oil
    - Instructional DVD
    - Steel nail clippers (not in the online edition)
    - Soft pin slicker, to remove dead hairs from undercoat and top coat (not in the online-only edition).
    - Dog shampoo (not in the online edition).

  • Business Blueprints eBook (Value £17).
    A 47-page book that provides insights into how to set up your own business.

  • Special Report on dog walking, pet sitting and house sitting (Value £28).
    This exclusive report shows you how to set up a service that's complementary to dog grooming. You'll be able to download it from our online student portal.

And when you complete the course, you'll get the following free items:

  • A Diploma to frame and display on your wall.

  • An 'Approved Dog Groomer' logo to use on your site.

    Certified Image Consultant

  • Business Mentoring. When you complete the course you'll receive 90 days of free business mentoring. It will help you set up your business. (Value £365).

  • A press release sent to your local newspapers (if you want).

  • An open reference that shows you've completed the course, and which may open doors for you.

  • The right to use the post nominal letters Dip. DG (BC) after your name.

From time to time we improve, amend or extend the items shown here.